Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dream Home..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They Are Always Right!

The time now is 1.56 in the morning. Ayah's still not feeling well and his sugar turned out to be 25.5, which is very high. Ayah never bother to 'pantang' in what he consume or get enough rest. To him, WORKING is his life and no one can ever stop him from doing it. All he needs to do right now is TO REST, TO STOP EATING OUTSIDE FOOD (because they might contain a lot of sugar and seasoning) and GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK (body and mind)....
Okay, actually, I just talked to Zizi about many things. It was like heart to heart chat. I know it would be bad to write in here but...this is my blog, who cares!!!
I know and everyone knows that it's not 'nice' to live with your parents after you've got married. I do agree with her when she said that it is like I'm still under ayah and mama's 'tanggungan' for I'm still staying here with my family. Truly, I don't want to live here with this kind of feelings and live in this small room with four people in it. But what choice do Ajib and I have as we still waiting for the house purchasing process. Rent a house?? The process will take about two months or maybe three. I don't think it is worth to rent in a very short period of time. But to continue living like this, make me sick!! I hate to wait. And it is not our fault for making the process taking so long. It's the owner's fault.
I really want to have my own life with Ajib, kids and not to forget Khotimah(erk!)It is really difficult to NOT to bother of what people said behind your back. People will always talk about you.. Talk about everything because we all live in one roof. Honestly, we don't want to depend on them but we have to for a meantime. Where else can we go other than our own home. This is where we live, so, can't we consider this is our house? Our home? A shelter?
It is also 'hurt' when people talk about your financial status. Why can't we pay for this and that.. Two incomes should generate more money and bla..bla..bla.. And I think they are right! They are always RIGHT because I spend too much on unimportant things and they're always spend on the RIGHT things. But that's what I enjoy to do every weekend. Go out, buy things for the kids.. I really enjoy doing it. People do have their own interest, not only me. When you enjoy doing something, money is not a matter anymore as long as you can afford to buy it. Little money will always be there to fulfill your desire. Some people will spend on food, movie and many other things. People can say anything about what you do as if they're always do the right things in their life. And they are always RIGHT. As 'the chosen one' told me when I told her that I hope to get a laptop after buying a house, ' If you get a house, first thing is to buy basic needs before you can think of buying a laptop. Laptop is not that important. Out of 100 things, laptop is at number 101'... What does she think? That we gonna buy a laptop before getting a washing machine or bed???? And yes, she is always RIGHT!!!!
When people make an issue out of it (moving out A.S.A.P) you don't belong here anymore. You will never belong in the house after you get married. And they are always RIGHT about that! I feel that it is our(Ajib&me) mistakes for letting this thing happened in our life. It is always our fault....MUST NOT depend on other people after you are married even on your own family. NEVER!! After two and the half years of marriage, Ajib and I are just starting our life together. But no one understand the situation. They thought that we didn't want to look for a house and have our own life. Of course we want to but our mistake is to stay and search for quite sometime. That is when people started to ask whether you are going to stay for the rest of your life or moving out sooner or later...
Well, although this has to do with some people but the reason i write this tonight is because i need to take it out from my heart. I hate to feel 'hurt' and wait but that's what I have to face. And whatever they said is always RIGHT! Things are not always as easy as you have planned.
But...They are always right...especially 'THE CHOSEN ONE'..Guess who???

Happy Birthday To Mama

I would like to wish mama happy 56th birthday today, June 17.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


It is 2.30 in the morning. Still cannot sleep. Lots of papers to mark as teachers need them by tomorrow. Even though I’m on leave, I was given this stupid exam papers two weeks ago by a good friend of mine, who is also very sympathy for things I have to do during my confinement. What did I do for the last two weeks? Nothing!! Hehe.. I just hang around here and there. Having a good time, good sleep, good food..and forget everything about school and work. Work. Work. Work. The essays make me sick because I need to read and correct them one by one. That’s what every teacher has to do throughout the year. The same old things!!! Ish, malasnyeee….. Malas pun kena buat. While marking papers I drink coffee from San Francisco Coffee (taknak kalah!) to keep me awake and fresh. Zizi bought the coffee and she was about to throw it in the bin. Luckily, she asked me first. Truly, I don’t drink coffee but I love the aromatic smell it produced especially in the morning. Brilliant smell!!!
Well, today, Khotim (maid) had a tooth-ache. Mama asked me to bring her to see a dentist. The problem is if I send her to the government clinic, then we may need to queue for some extend of time except that the cost is cheap (since belum gaji lagi). But, if I have to sent her to private, most likely it will cost around RM60-RM70 with the waiting time might not be that long…. What should I do aye?? To be decided later… Takkan nak potong gaji? Kejam pulak.. Ntah la..
Yesterday, me and Ardini, went to watch ‘Kungfu Panda’ at GSC Midvalley with Kakak & anak2 plus Candra, Wanee & kengkawan and Encik Aufi kita. The movie is dazzling, funny and frantic. We really enjoy it except to ONE person. Guess who? ARDINI. As usual, making all the noises and never sat still till the end.. It was an experienced to me. Me promise to meself NEVER, NEVER bring her again until she’s big enough to follow orders.. hihi..
Yaikkkss…the time is ten to four in the morning. Better continue me work before me feel asleep. Ciao.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something to share..

So many things happened lately in the family. I mean on kedah's side. They are too personal (I guess) and not suitable for public view. Stories can only be around the family members. Sounds very strange, aye!! Cuma apa yang tak elok jadikan sempadan dan pengajaran. That’s what mama always said. It's normal to make mistakes. But sometimes, a stupid mistake is not acceptable by other people. So, think before you act because a wrong move will tear down your precious life...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gambar-gambar Di Kelantan

Sleeping Beauties

Ardini and Amreen...Comel tak? Letih nak suruh Ardini posing. Tak biasa posing! Maklumlah, mak dia selalu lupa nak ambik gambar anak-anak. Harapkan Jiji dan Wanee yang ambik. Hehe..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Balik Kampung

Assalamualaikum.. Just came back from Kelantan yesterday. Alhamdulillah, Jie selamat diijabkabulkan dengan pilihan hatinya, Azmin. Semuanya berjalan lancar. Balik kelantan pun okaylah jugak. Very tiring!! Setiap hari ada saje program. On Saturday, we went to Kak Niah house at Wakaf Mek Zainab. After that, we went to KB Mall to buy khotimah's sandals. We let her chose and guess what, she picked a RM5 pair of sandals. Hehe.. I told her I was going to pay for the sandals and asked her to pick a little more expensive but she refused. Tak kisah long as she likes it! And then, ajib wanted to go to Bazaar Buluh Kubu to buy a tudung for her friend. We went there with kakcik. Cari punya cari, tak jumpa yang berkenan. Balik around 4pm and bersiap nak ke rumah Hasra. Siapa Hasra?? Boyfriend kakcik. Ramai jugaklah yang pergi.. ayah, mama, tok (of course), jiji, wanee, rusell, adik Fazri, kakcik, nayli and my family. best jugak la sebab pergi ramai-ramai. Nasib baik my two kids tak kisah and boleh dibawa kemana-mana dalam apa jua keadaan. Dan nasib baik jugak ada khotimah. walaupun dia blur and slow tapi ada time boleh harap.
We all balik dah dekat pukul 8 lebih. takut jugak ayoh marah sebab he preferred me to stay at home since i haven't finished my confinement. Nak buat macamane, menantu sorang ni suka berjalan. He was worried that i was going to be tired and did not get enough rest. He told me that i shouldn't be too active and go out until i reached 40 days of confinement. But i couldn't help it. I just need to go out... hehe:)
on the next day, before going to jie's wed, we went to che's house first. che cooked mee goreng cina. sedappppp sangattttt...... first time ever i taste an excellent mee, best. tambah 2 kali. even khotimah pun menambah. che bagi resepi and ajib asked me to try out. nanti la sayang, ada masa i masak (ayat malas) hehe..
Lepas tu, baru pergi kenduri jie. Jie nampak berseri. Al-maklumlah, pengantin baru. Gambar nanti baru post. Balik rumah dalam pukul 3 petang. Petang ayah and mama datang rumah. Malam pulak Che Nor and family, chik and family dan che datang dinner kat rumah. pukul 9 pergi pengkalan chepa dengan ajib and ardini sebab ada gosip hangat!
The next day, bertolak dari taman azam pukul 9 pagi. sampai di merapoh, ajib ajak makan sambil picnic dekat tepi sungai. i cannot remember the name tapi tepi sungai la. although the weather was hot and steaming tapi okay jugak lah. baby tido je and ardini nasib baik ada behave sket. Sampai k.l around 6 p.m and penat sangat. Ni pun rasa penat lagi. Apatah lagi Ajib yang drive and kena pergi kerja hari ni. Kesian my sayang...
So, that's all for today. Ciao!!

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