Friday, October 31, 2008



Minggu lepas tertengoklah Discovery Channel Travel and Living, Food bizarre, tentang makanan negara morocco a.k.a maghribi. Sebenarnye I was fascinated and teruja by its pasar malam dan makanan yang dimakan oleh host tu. Macam sedap..nyum nyum.. Kemudian dia tunjuklah tempat2 yang dia pergi. And one the places yang buat I rasa sangat nak pergi sana ialah set pergambaran 'the gladiator'. And then tempat tu macam moden sikit berbanding dengan negara africa yang lain. so, when i surf more about the country, morocco ni satu2nye negara africa yang tak masuk dalam African Union. The country is a member of Arab League.

Bestnye kalau dapat pergi dengan family. Morocco sesuai untuk sesiapa yang into culture and ancient history. The largest city in morocco is casablanca.. I wish I could be there one day.. Insyaallah.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


To my Ajib,

I love you so much.....


Gifted Child

Some of the characteristics of a gifted child are:

a) They generally walk and speak before their first year of age

b) They tend to use very rich language and adultlike vocabs

c) They easily understand and remember the information they are given

d) They generate a great quantity of ideas and solutions to problems

e) They have a well-developed sense of humour

f) They have a great deal of curiosity

g) They adore reading

h) They are leaders

i) They prefer to work independently and do not need much help

A gifted child is not genius and does not know everything but they are basically differentiated from others in their ability to learn much faster and go more deeply into subjects.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Ahead..

In our working life, we just need to keep the focus and after a while we'll get to understand how it actually worked. We must make sure that we get better and better everyday. And then it will become easy.
To be successful, keep your feet on the ground. Think smart. Pay attention. Nothing happens by itself. Listen to people and don't be afraid to roll the dice. Everything is a learning curve.
Always keep your dream beyond reach but make them achievable...........:)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do A Deer


Sekarang dah masuk raya ke 5. Tadi pergi beraya ke rumah che nor di subang jaya. Ardini dah pandai nyanyi lagu 'Do A Deer' sampai habis and suara dan sebutan dia sangat cute miut. Nak kata sedap tak jugak. Gemersik sikit lah.. kuikui...
Amreen lak asyik nangis je. Tapi bila kat rumah, okay pulak. Tak paham den..
Apapun raya tahun ni best dan meriah terutamanya malam raya.

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